What is this about, and who the heck are you?

I am an independant programmer from Luxembourg who thought it was a great idea to study game design and programming. But now the time has come to finally create my first videogame project, an idea I have dreamed of for over 10 years. I want to create a sidescroller platformer game that can only be played by listening to audio cues. The idea is to make a game that can be impactful to sighted people and maybe interesting for visually impaired people.

Video fo the prototype/proof of concept

This game will be about an unnamed character who has to find what has been lost, yet the character can't see and uses audible cues to get along. Gifted with the power of knowing the future (aka the player's memory) the character is able to solve the puzzles, avoid or defeat enemies and find what was once lost.


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This is an interesting idea. I think it would be helpful to state that the player will need to used arrows to move (not WASD) and space to jump. The video helps in that one realizes there are obstacles to move past. It might also be good to build a small soundcheck into the start. I couldn't tell if the sound was working because I was trying to use WASD and not hearing anything. I was reluctant to increase the volume too much because I didn't know what sounds to expect and didn't want to blast my ears out. Hence a playful world-building sort of soundcheck would help orientation and also help the player find a good volume level at which to play the game. The directional audio cues are very nice, and I think it is a game I would enjoy playing, esp if the audio gets increasingly complicated.